Kiaris Lab

Context specificity and carcinogenesis

Our laboratory is interested on how context specificity affects the kinetic profile, the morphology and the properties of malignant tumors. We are particularly intrigued by the fact that the same type of cancer cells can develop into different tumors depending on the constitution of microenvironment. Based on this notion we believe that appropriate manipulation of tumor stroma may serve as the basis for the development of novel cancer therapeutics.  

ER stress

Over the last few years we have developed an increasing interest in the role of endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress in various conditions and especially in diabetes. We are especially interested to understand how ER stress progresses from its adaptive (pro-survival) activity into its pro-apoptotic function. We believe that interference with the efficiency by which ER stress becomes pro-apoptotic may have significant therapeutic implications. Furthermore, it illuminates basic aspects of β cell biology with implications in a variety of pathological conditions.

Recently we expanded our studies by using Peromyscus as a model organism. This small mammal, although similar to mice has a unique set of features that renders it ideal for the study of stress biology.