Kiaris Lab

ippokratis Kiaris Professor

Principle Investigator

1993 BSc, (Biology) University of Athens

1996 PhD, University of Crete

1998-2002, Postdoc, Tulane University, Harvard University





 Elena Farmaki Research Assistant Professor

2004 BSc (Chemistry) University of Thessaloniki

2006 MSc (Biochemistry) University of Athens

2011 PhD (Biochemistry) University of Athens



Vimala Kaza Peromyscus Genetic Stock Center Colony Manager

2001 MSc (Biology), Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute

1999 BSc (Biology), Nagarjuna University

2005 MSc (Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology) University of South Carolina


Bernardo Chavez, Graduate student

 2019 B.S., Biochemistry, California State University - Sacramento




Ioulia Chatzistamou Associate Professor (Cl)


 1993 BSc (Biology), University of Athens

1998, MD University of Athens 

1998-2000, Postdoc, Tulane University, LA

2003 PhD, University of Athens

2006 License for the Specialty of Pathology  


Asieh Naderi, Postdoc

1996 BSc (Nursing) Babol University of Medical Sciences (Babol, Iran)

2007 MSc (Biochemistry) Isfahan University of Medical Sciences (Isfahan, Iran)

2014 PhD (Medical Physiology), Baquiyatalla University of Medical Sciences (Tehran, Iran)





 Elham Soltanmohammadi, Graduate student

2012 BSc (Clinical Science) Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

2016 MSc (Medical Biochemistry), Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran




Youwen Zhang, Graduate student


2013 BSc (Animal Science) China Agricultural University, Beijing, China

 2015 MSc (Animal Science) China Agricultural University, Beijing, China





Nina Daneshvar

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Biochemistry B.S., USC




Motivated individuals interested in joining the lab as graduate students of post-docs should contact Hippokratis


Graduate students and postdocs (Last known affiliation)

Ersi Tsellou (2006-2008, postdoc), Biomedical Research Foundation, postdoc

Nektarios Barabutis (2006-2009, PhD student), Assistant Professor, University of Louisiana at Monroe 

School of Pharmacy
University of Louisiana at Monroe

Aspasia Volakaki (2007-2010, PhD student), Sotiria Hospital, staff pharmacist

Lina Dioufa (2008-2011, MSc-PhD student), Harvard Medical School, postdoc

Daniel Lafkas (2008-2012, PhD student), Institute Curie, postdoc

George Trimis (2004-2008, PhD student; 2011-2012, postdoc) private sector 

Zaharias  Xirotiris (2011-2014, MSc Student, Research Associate) private sector

Valentina Mihailidou (2009-2016 PhD Student, postdoc) University of Athens

Amanda Havighorst (2016-2019, PhD student)


Diploma (undergraduate) and MSc Research students

Konstantina Christodoulou (undergraduate 2004-2006), Eirini Papazian (undergraduate 2008-2009), Nelli Pappou (undergraduate 2008-2009),  Michalis Meletiou (MSc 2009-2010),  Maria Koutalianou (undergraduate 2009-2010), Elena Santoukou (undergraduate 2010-2011), Panagiotis Mpourlis  (undergraduate 2012-2013), Valia Founta  (undergraduate 2012-2013), Mina Deze (MSc 2013-2014), Juliana Cervino (undergraduate 2015-2016), Don Suber (undergraduate 2017) Alix Faulkner (undergraduate 2017-2018), Dionysia Koutsogiannakis (undergraduate 2018-2019), Julia Santomenna (undergraduate 2018-2019)



Alumni that don't see your name or need to update/correct information, contact Hippokratis to fix it!!!!